Cashpower Gemini PLC

  • BS fitting PLC (wireless) meter
  • ideal for retrofitting in kiosks with BS wiring where wired meters cannot be utilised

Cashpower Gemini PLC is an 80 Amp split prepayment meter that uses Power Line Carrier (PLC) technology. It is ideal for replacing conventional meters in existing apartment blocks and established dwellings/houses, where installing a dedicated communications cable is not practical. The use of standard household wiring for communication between the meter and customer interface unit makes this an extremely attractive and cost-effective technology.




The Cashpower Gemini PLC meter is a compact, single-phase, keypad-based, 80 Amp split prepayment meter in a BS 5685 standard housing. Communication between the meter and the customer interface unit is by means of Power Line Carrier (PLC) technology.

Technical Specification Sheet

You can download the full Gemini PLC Technical specifications from the link below:

Gemini PLC – Technical Specification Sheet